Universal Cosmetic


Founded in 1956, Universal Cosmetic has a long tradition specialized in manufacturing premium cosmetic products. Since then, we have cooperated with worldwide clients and grown to be a reputed manufacturer and exporter of cosmetic products. In corporation with the best researchers and adopting finest production facility; we strive for innovation to create beauty with quality. With profound experience in the cosmetic field, we offer full range of high-graded color cosmetics produced from premium natural ingredients. Furthermore, our company is most renowned by our strength in skin care series. Our products come with a promise to uphold the finest standards of excellence. Made from natural herbal extracts, our skin care products are customized for various skin types and conditions to enrich skin with nutritious treatment effectively keeping skin looking youthful and beautiful. Our products are sold worldwide. Our main markets include Europe, United States, Japan, Russia, Southeast Asia and Middle East. Some of the international brands that we have cooperated via OEM included: Sanrio, US Polo, Bébé Poshé and many more.


Assisting our clients to fulfill their dreams for developing private label products. We can provide services from containers selection, label printing, raw material s testing and selecting to final packaging according to the specific requests of each individual client.


Create customer satisfaction by providing highest quality products to increase competitive advantages in the markets.

Management Conception

Professional--Maintaining a close cooperating relationship with various international biochemistry laboratories to obtain latest technologies and resources. We have more professional know-how at our disposal to provide the most updated information and products for our clients.

Sincerity--Our company will maintain a responsible and sincere attitude toward our clients and products.

Innovation--With our finger on the pulse and setting trends, we continuously invest in research and development and implementing latest findings in product development.

Quality--Premium raw materials and careful processing guarantee that our products are of a high standard. Through regular internal and external checks, we ensure that our products will consistently comply with the high-quality FDA, EEC and Japan cosmetics safety standards.

Production Equipments

Filling machine, mixing machine, emulsifier machine, homogenizing machine, powder pressing machine, sealing machine, labeler machine and many more.

Production Facilities and Environment:

‧Professional clean room facility equipped with air shower, filter units, clean benches, pass boxes and relief dampers.
‧Well established and separated packing areas.
‧Temperature controlled warehouses for raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products.
‧Integrated laboratory tests for microorganism.